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About me

I’m like your grandpa’s recliner: inviting, pretty laid-back, plenty supportive, and there when you need me. Except better, because I can hold your cup for you.

Daniel Harbuck


Portfolio 1
Class Artist – 3rd Grade

A council of 31 cultured 7 and 8 year olds decided I was to be the class artist.

Portfolio 2
Safety Patrol Captain – 6th Grade

How do you measure the impact of a safety patrol leader? Accident-free year, that's how.

Portfolio 3
Voted “Most Friendly” in high school

No strangers. Only friends I haven’t met yet.

Portfolio 4
“TV West” Broadcaster

High School TV Newscaster. I’m kind of a big deal.

Portfolio 5
Volunteer Missionary 2004-2006 Brasília, Brasil

80,000 Rádio Tocantins listeners. 132°F. 52 hour bus ride. 8 states. 2 dengue fever run-ins. 1 life-changing experience.

Portfolio 6

After 7 years of best-friendship, married my high school sweetheart May 2008

Portfolio 4

Won the Grand Prize at a University-wide inventor’s competition.

Portfolio 5
Top contributor: Literature of Success

At the end of a discussion-based course on “success” by Richard Shell, my peers rated me the top classroom contributor.

Portfolio 6
Congressional Award

While working for the FBI - it feels pretty good when Congress recognizes your efforts.

Portfolio 7
Award Winning Communications Coach at Wharton

Will be preaching comms until the day I die. Or until mind-reading comes back into vogue. Whichever comes first.

Portfolio 9
Honest Realtor

Licensed in California & Virginia - I love to give cash back to friends. For real.

Portfolio 13
In-Demand Social Good Speaker

Here I am adding mine to the voices of Joe Biden, John Kerry, Alec Baldwin, and Jane Goodall presenting to 110k+ people in 100+ countries on behalf of Google Social Good at the Social Good Summit.

My Skills

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

- John Ruskin

Tickling my children


Bike Commuting

Giving Tours

Picking out the freshest produce


Polyglottery (Portuguese, German, Spanish)

Traveling on a budget

Home Handiness

Doing the Dishes


Places I've Been

40 countries (21 of which with at least one child!), 48 states, 6 continents, 2 districts, etc. There's a lot more exploring to do.

Favorite Quotes


A person should be able to:

Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2
Peel a Hard-boiled Egg
Portfolio 3
Schedule Priorities
Portfolio 4
Portfolio 5
Google Wisely
Portfolio 6
Fold a Shirt
Portfolio 7
Jump Start a Car
Portfolio 8
Tie a bow-tie
Portfolio 9
Portfolio 10
Throw a Football
Portfolio 11
Travel Cheap
Portfolio 12
Portfolio 13
Slow it Down
Portfolio 14
Perform CPR
Portfolio 15
Spread Happy
Portfolio 13
put your pants on two legs at a time

This one is a personal secret. I've always been a pretty average guy: my name was right in the middle of the class, the doctors always told me I was average height and weight for my age, and I was neither the firstborn nor the last. So when I first heard someone try to downplay a celebrity or major public figure by saying: "they still put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me" it all made sense to me somehow: I just had to learn one skill to stand out from the crowd. So now, if you possess the daring necessary to join a select group of greats, learn the anything-but-average "two-legs at a time trick."


If you still don’t think any of the above was the slightest reason to get to know me, consider this: my initials, when converted to numbers, equal 19. And that’s the atomic number of Potassium, which has a flaming reaction with water. Also, potassium makes your heart beat. Reach out and say "Hey/Olá/NíHáo/Namaste/Hallo" for speaking requests, prayer requests, or anything else in between (including just because).