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About me

I’m like your grandpa’s recliner: inviting, pretty laid-back, plenty supportive, and there when you need me. Except better, because I can hold your cup for you.

Daniel Harbuck


Portfolio 1
Class Artist – 3rd Grade

A council of 31 cultured 7 and 8 year olds decided I was to be the class artist.

Portfolio 2
Safety Patrol Captain – 6th Grade

How do you measure the impact of a safety patrol leader? Accident-free year, that's how.

Portfolio 3
Voted “Most Friendly” in high school

No strangers. Only friends I haven’t met yet.

Portfolio 4
“TV West” Broadcaster

High School TV Newscaster. I’m kind of a big deal.

Portfolio 5
Volunteer Missionary 2004-2006 Brasília, Brasil

80,000 Rádio Tocantins listeners. 132°F. 52 hour bus ride. 8 states. 2 dengue fever run-ins. 1 life-changing experience.

Portfolio 6

After 7 years of best-friendship, married my high school sweetheart May 2008

Portfolio 4

Won the Grand Prize at a University-wide inventor’s competition.

Portfolio 5
Top contributor: Literature of Success

At the end of a discussion-based course on “success” by Richard Shell, my peers rated me the top classroom contributor.

Portfolio 6
Congressional Award

While working for the FBI - it feels pretty good when Congress recognizes your efforts.

Portfolio 7
Award Winning Communications Coach at Wharton

Will be preaching comms until the day I die. Or until mind-reading comes back into vogue. Whichever comes first.

Portfolio 9
Honest Realtor

Licensed in California & Virginia - I love to help people beat the system and confidently buy the right home at a great price. For real.

Portfolio 13
In-Demand Social Good Speaker

I've personally presented to 110,000+ people at various social impact conferences Here I am adding mine to the voices of Joe Biden, John Kerry, Alec Baldwin, and Jane Goodall at the Social Good Summit.

Portfolio 14
I try to live life without regrets

But half a pickle shy of winning a county-wide pickle-eating contest is an experience I wish I could forget. Maybe it's symbolic for my life in other ways, I guess.

Portfolio 8
Crisis Negotiation Trained

Learned crisis negotiation from the best in the world while at the F.B.I. What surprised me most? How applicable all of it is to raising toddlers.

My Skills

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

- John Ruskin

Tickling my children


Bike Commuting

Giving Tours

Picking out the freshest produce


Polyglottery (Portuguese, German, Spanish)

Traveling on a budget

Home Handiness

Doing the Dishes


Places I've Been

66 countries (48 of which with at least one child!), 49 states, 6 continents, 2 districts, etc. There's a lot more exploring to do.

Favorite Quotes


A person should be able to:

Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2
Peel a Hard-boiled Egg
Portfolio 3
Schedule Priorities
Portfolio 4
Portfolio 5
Google Wisely
Portfolio 6
Fold a Shirt
Portfolio 7
Jump Start a Car
Portfolio 8
Tie a bow-tie
Portfolio 9
Portfolio 10
Throw a Football
Portfolio 11
Travel Cheap
Portfolio 12
Portfolio 13
Slow it Down
Portfolio 14
Perform CPR
Portfolio 15
Spread Happy
Portfolio 13
put your pants on two legs at a time

This one is a personal secret. I've always been a pretty average guy: my name was right in the middle of the class, the doctors always told me I was average height and weight for my age, and I was neither the firstborn nor the last. So when I first heard someone try to downplay a celebrity or major public figure by saying: "they still put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me" it all made sense to me somehow: I just had to learn one skill to stand out from the crowd. So now, if you possess the daring necessary to join a select group of greats, learn the anything-but-average "two-legs at a time trick."



If you still don’t think any of the above was the slightest reason to get to know me, consider this: my initials, when converted to numbers, equal 19. And that’s the atomic number of Potassium, which has a flaming reaction with water. Also, potassium makes your heart beat. Reach out and say "Hey/Olá/NíHáo/Namaste/Hallo" for speaking requests, prayer requests, or anything else in between (including just because).